Connecting G2 24v12 to control center via Win 10

Hello everybody. I’m looking into solutions regarding connecting the G2 24v12 to control center via Windows 10. I only get a blinking green light when I plugged in the controller and the control center says controller is “Not connected”. I’ve already tried with 2 usb connectors and two different PCs, still result is the same. I have two of this controller and both are acting the same way. Thanks in advance.


Can you double check you are using the Simple Motor Control Center G2 software (found on the Resources tab of the controller’s product page)? Please note that the G2 Simple Motor Controllers will not work with the original Simple Motor Control Center software.

If the green LED is flashing very briefly once per second, then the controller is receiving power from USB, but it is not receiving any data. Are you sure the USB cables you are using have data lines (e.g. have you used them for communicating with devices before)? Some USB cables are only intended to be used for charging and do not have the necessary communication lines.


Yes, I’m using the correct control center software. I believe you are right with the USB cable … I just thought that all USB cables are wired the same. Thanks for your help.

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