Connecting A4988 Microstep Pins to VCC Causes Short

Hi All,

I am trying to get my A4988s to 16th step. I am using an Arduino and 24V 2A power supply to do so. I wired according to the minimal wiring diagram to begin with and then tested it out. The motors worked just fine. I then tried connecting MS1, MS2 and MS3 to digital pins and changing nothing else. Even having them connected and the Arduino pins low caused the motor to stop moving. I tried with 5V supplied to the MS pins as well and I got the same result. The Arduino even browned out. Does anyone have suggestions to fix this (well, prevent it happening again. The A4988 I was using is now dead)?


Hello, Andrew.

Can you post some pictures that show both sides of the A4988 carrier, its solder joints, and all the components it is connected to?

- Patrick