Connecting a "different" reciever to the trex controller

hallo everyone!

i just got the trex motor controller, and had a few questions.
i got a bot reciever ( the spektrum br6000 bot reciever) and was wondering how to connect the trex motor controller to the reciever, and need to know if i need to power the reciever seperately, or how i would hook the channels to the recievers channels with some servo connection wires.
thanks in advance for the help!


Have you looked at the user’s guide? The most relevant section is:

You probably don’t have to power the receiver separately (you’ll need to put on the +=Vcc jumper), but keep in mind that the TReX cannot supply enough power for servos, too.

In terms of the physical wires to use, something like these female-female servo extension cables should work well:

- Jan

thanks alot jan, but i still need something else.
i was just wondering how and where to connect my wires to the trex from the reciever.( … =SPM6000BR)
thanks a bunch

I’m not sure what you’re not getting. Are you looking for something like this picture?

There are five channels on the TReX, and you can connect the ones you want to use to the receiver channels you want to control them.

- Jan

well its just the leads on the reciever are labelled diferrently than most recievers (as you can tell in this picture- … =SPM6000BR) so i was wondering which leads go ti which.
sorry if i’m causing trouble :smiley:

I followed the link, and I cannot really read the labeling in the picture, so I cannot tell what’s different from other receivers or causing you concern.

- Jan

oh sorry about that
here’s a higher resolution one from google
sorry about that =)

The one in the second picture looks like it has female connectors, whereas the first one has male connectors. If that’s your concern, you should look at what you actually have and get the appropriate connector. However, you said your concern is about the labeling; I don’t see anything unusual about it. They have a drawing of a little pulse for the signal line; is that what is confusing you?

- Jan

i pretty much get it now.
if i connect the aileron headers to channel one, then i will control motor 1 with the aileron controls on my transmitter,etc. but what i dont get is getting to power the reciever with the trex and where to hook that up.

oh and by the way the one i’ve got have male headers, and the labelling is exactly the same

thanks a bunch

It really looks like you aren’t looking at the guide at all. The second sentence of the section I linked to earlier says: “The middle column is connected to the TReX’s regulated power (Vcc) through the ”+=Vcc” (BEC) jumper and will provide 5 V to your RC receiver or analog controller when this jumper is in place.” The drawing under that labels the pins, including the middle (red) one with “5V out”.

The next section (“Jumper Settings”) shows a picture with that jumper labeled and again describes its function. If there’s something you don’t understand or that is worrying you, please at least be specific about what your concern is.

- Jan

sorry if i caused frustration, but i definently get it now. i just got the reciever and TReX today and the robot is already moving good.

thanks for your help Jan

Great! Thanks for the update.

- Jan