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im trying to connect to tic t825 via usb(serial port) but i dont see at device manager any com port that oppened.
i tryed to look at pololu-tic-software-master , libusbp-master code from github.
and i just cant understand how to detect the connected tic devices, and to choose the specific one.


The Tic does not have a USB virtual serial port. The “Writing PC software to control the Tic” section of the Tic user’s guide discusses options for controlling the Tic from a PC. For example, the “Example code to run ticcmd in C” shows how to invoke the Tic Command-line Utility (ticcmd) to control a Tic via USB.

If you have to use a serial port for some reason, you might consider connecting the Tic’s TX, RX, and GND pins to a serial port on your computer or a USB-to-serial adapter.


I know that the tic dosnt have virtual serial port and I succeeded to use ticcmd, but i want the code part where ticcmd is finding the device, and create connection.
I need it exatly that way for my project.
hope you can help.

there is an DLL i need to download and include to compile Writing PC software to control the Tic” project?

Hello. It sounds like you are trying to understand how ticcmd works. You can find the source code of ticcmd in the “cli” directory of the pololu-tic-software repository. The code in ticcmd that opens a handle to the device is the handle function in “main.cpp”:

As you can see in that function, the work of deciding what Tic device to connect to is done by the device_selector class, which is defined in “device_selector.h”.

The ticcmd utility relies on libpololu-tic. The source code of that library is in the “lib” directory of the pololu-tic-software repository. That library relies on another library we created named libusbp.

We do not provide binary downloads for these libraries, so you would need to compile them yourself if you want to use them directly instead of simply using ticcmd. They can be compiled as static libraries or DLLs. We do not provide explicit instructions for how to compile those libraries with Visual Studio, but it should be possible. We do provide instructions for compiling the Tic software using open source software in the file BUILDING.md.