Connect Pololu motor encoder with kangaroo x2

Hello everybody,

I recently bought a kangaroo x2 motioncontroller combined with a sabertooth 2x12 motorcontroller. These can be found here: … rtooth2x12

I already used the following motor and it works fine with the system:

But now I tried this Pololu motor with the system but tuning always fails:

It tried to connect encoder with and without 10k resistors but nothing seems to work. Any idea why this motor gives problem with the system? I don’t think it is EMC because I’ve checked the encodersignals en they look fine.

Thanks in advance,

Hello, Bart.

I am sorry you are not getting that motor to work in your system. As the Kangaroo and Sabertooth controllers are not our products, our ability to help you troubleshoot those will be limited, but I can at least help you check to see if your motor is working normally. How did you check the encoder signals? Can you tell me more about how the gearmotor is being used in your system? (For example, what voltage are you supplying and what kind of load is on the output?)