Connect Arduino to 36v9 motor controller

Recently purchased a 36v9 motor controller and having problems connecting to an Arduino. Are there any examples of how to do this?


The “Pinout” chart in the “Using the Motor Driver” section of the drivers product page show descriptions of the connections needed to control those drivers. Which exact pins you connect to would depend on the program you write.

If you post a proposed wiring diagram, I would be glad to take a look at it.


the motor driver used is not the exact one i have…
arduino pin 6~ goes to PWM on motor driver
arduino pin A3 goes to DIR on motor driver
V++ on the motor driver goes to the power supply
A on the motor driver goes to motor
B on the motor driver goes to motor
grnd to grnd
Since the arduino is being used on a laptop, i did not connect vIn to anywhere.

Those connection seem fine for the most part. I suggest also running a ground connection directly from the motor driver to your power source so that the motor current is not running through the Arduino.

Are you having an issue controlling the motor driver with your Arduino using this setup? If so, can you post the code you are running?