Connect A-Star 328PB with BMP280 on SDA1 and SCL1

Hi, for a few days I’m trying to connect BMP280 using SDA1 and SCL1.I am using Adafruit_BMP280 library. Would you help me with some sample code? Thanks in advance.

We do not have any example code for using the ATmega328PB’s second I2C module.

It looks like the Adafruit_BMP280_Library you link does not support the ATmega328PB. You would need to contact Adafruit about adding support for that AVR to their library.

Is there a particular reason why you do not want to use the I2C0 pins?

- Amanda

There is no specific reason I just wanted to learn how to use the second I2C channel. I wondered what the purpose of using it.