A-Star 328PB TWI1 (2nd I2C port)

Okay, it’s been ~ 4 years since you released these boards… I need to be able to use TWI1 (I2C on pins 22/23) on the A-Star 328PB 5V/16MHz boards.

Please don’t tell me I don’t need it, like you did here:

or here: Connect A-Star 328PB with BMP280 on SDA1 and SCL1

Please work with the Arduino Consortium, Adafruit, and/or anyone else who is a major player in the Arduino arena, and get this working.

Thank you,
Brad Hedges

Hello, Brad.

We do not have an official library for using the second I2C bus on the A-Star 328PB, but I verified that the Wire1 library from this ATmega328PB-Testing repository (developed by Watterott electronic) works on an A-Star 328PB Micro - 5V, 16MHz. You would need to download the repository and move its Wire1 library into the libraries folder under your sketchbook location (e.g. \Documents\Arduino) and comment out this line in Wire1.cpp.

- Amanda