Configuring Channel 4 on Trex DMC01

Hi -
I am trying to see if we have the right equipment for our job. We have a track robot (Agent 390 base) that uses 2 HD planetary gearmotors (for driving), a small dc motor to run a brush, and a servo motor to push the trigger on a paintball gun (this robot is meant to clean residential solar panels). The initial set up used a Adafruit motor shield and a bluetooth shield on an Arduino Uno to allow remote control and switch to autonomous control (has ultrasonic sensor to detect edge of panel). The drive motors were under powered through the motor shield, which limited its ability to turn on the panel. We also want something with better range than bluetooth for remote control.

We purchased the Trex dual motor controller and have paired it with a Spektrum DXe RC transmitter. With that we are able to run the drive motors and the brush motor. The motors are definitely better powered and can turn the robot with significantly decreased difficulty. The idea is to use Ch 5 to switch to auto mode (still trying to figure this out because I’m trying to figure out how to read and write between the trex and arduino).

The problem right now with the direct RC control is that we don’t have a way to get the servo motor to press the trigger for the airblast at the end of the solar panel. Can Ch 4 (enable “flip mode”) be used in any way to do this? If so, how? I also purchased a mini-Maestro 6 channel servo controller. Will that help us out at all?

Thank you for any insight or suggestions you may have.


I am not entirely sure I understand your question, but it sounds like you are asking if the “flipped mode” on the TReX, which is enabled through a connection to pin Channel 4, can be used to control a servo. No, there is no way to generate hobby RC servo signals with the TReX. The Maestro servo controllers generate hobby RC servo signals, but I suspect your system would not need the one you have. If you can upload a schematic that shows all of the components of your system, I might be able to offer advice on a reasonable way to control your servo.

By the way, it looks like the Spektrum DXe has at least 6 available channels, and the TReX at most handles five RC inputs. Is there a reason you cannot just connect an unused channel directly to the paintball servo trigger and control it from your RC transmitter?