good day
I bought a robot 3pi and am having trouble connecting the recorder to your PC avr
I’m using the recorder pgm03and
I use windows 7
I did exactly as the manual
The only thing that did not work was when I tried to put the target when you add places port12 she does not write back and when La is blank
When taking to the example the following message appears


I do not understand what the problem is. Could you post more information about what steps you are taking, and what is happening when the problem occurs? Also, it looks like your post was incomplete or got cut short; could you finish telling us what the message says?


Atemelstudio 6.1 installed then downloaded and installed Pololu AVR Development Bundle (~ 11MB exe)
Next, you will need to configure Atmel Studio to use the programmer. Open Atmel Studio, make sure your programmer is connected to your computer via USB, and then select Add Target … from the Tools menu. For the tool, select “STK500”. For the serial port, select the COM port que has been assigned to the programmer’s programming port. Finally, click Apply.
the Com pot is not recorded is displayed in white

So what is the problem?

despite doing all the procedures as stated can not transfer the program to the robot as video link attached
what i did wrong

Hello. Thank you for posting the video! I can see that your programmer has firmware version 1.01. You will need to upgrade your firmware to get it working with Atmel Studio 6. Please see the “Upgrading Firmware” section of Pololu USB AVR Programmer User’s Guide.

Also, I see you used the “Add Target” dialog box more than once. You should only add one STK500, and it should be on the Programming Port (COM12 for you). I recommend going to “View > Available Atmel Tools” and removing all the STK500 entries that are not on COM12. You only need to use the “Add Target” dialog once.


as indicated but did not work
step 7 until all ok but video as attachment

There are some important things missing from the video. After you open Bray Terminal, you need to go to the upper left and select the right COM port and click “Connect”. Did you do that? After sending “fwbootload”, you need to check the output area to see if “FWBOOTLOAD” was echoed back. The output area is above the input area. Since you did not show the entire window, I was unable to check for “FWBOOTLOAD”.


I am already in step 11
pgm03a_v1.07.pgm downloaded the file and now do not understand What did I open the file in Notepad? and copy and paste the contents in terminalv1?

sorry but I do not know much about electronics
I am a physicist who likes robotics

To send the file in step 9, you should use the “Send File” button. There is no need to open the file in notepad.


my avr does not light LED None!
in step 9 clicked send file and opened a window where I met pgm03a_v1.07.pgm
clicked open
not happened nothing

It sounds like something went wrong during the firmware upgrade procedure. The firmware on your programmer has probably been erased. However, you can still force it into bootloader mode by following the instructions in the user’s guide. Please try the firmware upgrade procedure again.


get this update now firmwere 1:07 however when attempting to write the robot appeared the following message

Atmel Studio was unable to start your debug session.
Please VERIFY device selection, interface settings, target power and connections to the target device.

OK, there are some things we should check. Please open the “View” menu and click “Available Atmel Tools”. What do you see in that window?

After the failed programming attempt, is the programmer’s red LED on? If so, it has an error to report. You can see the error by closing and then opening the Pololu USB AVR Programmer Configuration Utility (or just click the “Refresh” button). Do you see an error in the configuration utility and what kind is it?


I did as directed and nothing I clicked “Refresh” button and have not changed anything

Again, I recommend going to “View” menu, selecting “Available Atmel Tools” and removing all the STK500 entries that are not on COM12. You should only have one STK500, and it should be on COM12. Right now you have a lot of STK500 entries and Atmel Studio is probably connecting to the wrong one when you try to program. You need to make sure there is only one STK500 and it should be COM12 because we already established in an earlier video that COM12 is the Programming Port.


work could convey to the robot
now I try to program thanks
if it is not be boring you have som sample line follower to follow a white line and because the examples you have on site are to follow a black line

What example are you using? You could try using the 3pi’s read_line_white function, which has the same arguments as read_line. This is documented here.


I can not convey anything to the 3 pi and to top it erased the LCD and not more ada no signal to not be the LEDs are the new AAA alkaline and what I did wrong?

It looks like you are trying to program your 3pi. When you do this, the programmer’s LEDs flash as if it were programming and you see no error messages in Atmel Studio. However, you would expect to see some text on the LCD and the LCD is entirely blank.

Could you try turning the contrast potentiometer on the bottom of the 3pi to different positions? If the contrast potentiometer is in the wrong position, the LCD could be blank. Make sure you adjust the right potentiometer; maybe you should make a video so I can see you do it.

This was working before, right? Do you know what changed?

What code are you trying to program onto the 3pi?