Configuration of kill switch via serial interface possible?

Hi folks,

I am developing a product using 24v12 simple motor controllers.
For an added bit of safety I’d like to use the kill switch feature on the A2 input (A1 is already used for something different).
Is there a way to activate the kill switch just using serial commands?
I know I can do this via USB, but I really don’t want to configure hundreds of boards manually that way.

Any hints welcome.



There is no serial command that will configure a limit/kill switch for the Simple Motor Controller (SMC), but you can save a settings file using the Simple Motor Control Center and then apply it to each SMC. I recommend using the SmcCmd command-line utility to help automate that process.

We would be interested to hear more about your product. Please keep us posted!

- Amanda

Oh, too bad :frowning:
Maybe that is a suggestion for a new feature?

Thanks for your help.