Communication between two Baby Orangutan

Hi all!

I want to control four motors and read from four encoders with two Baby Orangutan. Is there a way to build communication between these two Baby Orangutan controller? So that I can process the sensor readings together. If so what’s the best way to do that?

Thanks a lot!


Hello, Eric.

You could connect the Baby Orangutans’ UARTs to establish serial communication between the two controllers. For other options to control more than two motors with a Baby Orangutan, see this thread, where a similar question was asked.

If you do choose to communicate between the two robot controllers via serial, you might be interested in seeing the “Serial slave program” section and the “Serial master program” section of the 3pi Robot User’s Guide, which can be found under the “Resources” tab on any of the 3pi product pages (The 3pi and Orangutan share libraries and pinouts, so you could modify the two programs to work for your setup.) You could have one Baby Orangutan be the master device and the other the slave, or you could use another microcontroller to be the master device and have both Baby Orangutans be slave devices.

- Amanda

Hi Amanda,

Thanks a lot for your response! This is really helpful!