Command reference using multiple controllers in (C#)?

Been setting up multiple T249 controllers, reworking TicDotNet. Got to the crunch were I now need to connect more than one board; am I missing something there seems to be only a limited range of commands available through the Command Reference used for USB / serial etc. Can’t for example get serial numbers or send a command to a specific controller.
Available options appear to be running “ticcmd –d xxxx”, or starting from scratch writing a wrapper around libpololu-tic. Am I missing something, are there more commands than documented in section 8 of the manual …. I really would not like to start again?


It looks like the open function in TicDotNet accepts an optional argument for specifying the serial number. Have you tried using that argument?


Poor copy and paste, the complete message:

Tried not reliable, unsure of function due to lack of documentation.

As an example for 2 controllers:

Open(prod_id, “00275278”); //Works when only one connected, not when 2

Open(prod_id, “00275316”); //Works, when both connected (but only one can be accessed).

Am assuming that it does not really do anything as I always get only one controller, and cannot force the system to access the one I choose.


I am sorry to hear that you are unable to open a Tic by its serial number using TicDotNet.

What operating system are you using?

You might consider using a debugger on the open method to see what is happening. Hopefully the debugger can show you what is happening inside the UsbDeviceFinder class and what exceptions are being thrown, if any.

You could also try contacting the developer of TicDotNet to see if they can help too.


Many thanks.

Probably given up on this approach – a little concerned on the coding documentation / traps, and the apparent lack of functionality provided by all but your C lib. Have already spent a few days cleaning and removing infinite waits, was starting to looking like it may become a real time soak with no opportunity of adding the additional “full” functionality at the end.

Currently experimenting with a .NET “wrapper” to sit around the TICcmd.exe running as a background process (which I think gives full functionality). In hindsight was surprised I could not find one….

Incase any others take this route… a couple of changes needed to open
public bool open(PRODUCT_ID prod_id = PRODUCT_ID.T249, String serial)
UsbDeviceFinder MyUsbFinder = new UsbDeviceFinder(TIC_VENDOR_ID, (int)prod_id, serial);