Clockwise and anticlockwise rotation with DRV8825 and UNO R3

hi guys,
i am facing problem with rotating my stepper clockwise and anticlockwise using the stepper driver DRV8825.
Earlier when i used A4988, making direction pin HIGH turns motor clockwise and LOW tuens anticlockwise but while dealing with DRV8825 giving no such efficient output.

Can anyone please explain me what kind of problem i am facing?


The DIR pin on both drivers should operate similarly (changing the voltage should change the direction of rotation). Do you have any movement from the DRV8825? Can you post pictures of your connections including any soldered connections you have made? Can you post the code you are running?


Thank you sir for your reply…what i did is that the step pin and direction pin of my driver DRV8825 was attached with arduino pin of 9 and 8 respectively. Fortunately, i changed the pin
step at pin 5 and direction at pin 2. the motor worked fine …with the program moving clockwise and anticlockwise.
but the thing is that i did not able to recognize the problem, how it comes that changing the pin can make motor wotk fine of UNO R3. Is that question make sense?

Are you saying the DRV8825 works in both directions when you changed the GPIO pins on the Arduino that the STEP and DIR pins on stepper driver were connected to? The signal requirements for those two input pins are very similar between the DRV8825 and A4988 stepper drivers and I would expect the signals from simple Arduino code for one to generally work for the other. It seems likely that something else like a connection changed when you swapped the drivers, though it is also possible for individual GPIO pins on a microcontroller like the UNO R3 to be damaged (so they do not output the signals your code should produce).

If you are interested in troubleshooting further, could you use a multimeter and some simple code like the “Blink” Arduino sketch to see if pin 8 changes its voltage appropriately? Did you change anything else when you swapped the stepper drivers?