Can't feed Arduino with VNH5019


I’m trying to power the arduino by the VNH5019 motor driver but I keep getting zero Volts in VOut pin.

How do I enable it? Could you help me?



I am sorry you are having problems with your VNH5019 shield. Could you tell me more about your setup? How are you supplying power? Is anything else connected to your Arduino or shield? Do you have the Arduino power jumper connected on the shield? Could you post pictures of your setup, including close-ups of both sides of the VNH5019 shield?

- Jeremy

We are developing an Omni Robot, so we have an Arduino Mega and 2 motor drivers controlling 4 motors.

Since our power supply is a LiFe 9,9 Volts, we need to use a motor driver to provide the 5v needed to power the Arduino.

Our idea is to feed the driver with 9,9 Volts in VIN and GND pins and get the 5V in Vout and it’s GND.

The jumper is ON but no voltage is received.


It sounds like you might be confused on how the Arduino power jumper works. By adding the jumper, the board will connect the motor power going into the shield directly to the Arduino. The shield does not regulate the voltage to 5V; the regulator on the Arduino supplies the 5V. The Arduino can handle input voltages between 7 and 12V, so your LiFe battery can be used to power both the shields and Arduino directly.

I am not sure what might be causing your issue. How do you have the two shields connected to the Arduino? Could you post the pictures I asked for in my previous post? It will help me understand your setup better.

- Jeremy

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for you help until now.

You are right, I was misunderstanding what the jumpers actually does.

And I also was thinking that the driver regulated the voltage.

Check out the image below, this is what I’m thinking about how to power the Arduino.

Is it correct?

Your purposed setup should power your Arduino; however, you do not need to have the jumper on if you are powering directly from the VOUT pin. If the shield is stacked onto the Arduino, the ARDVIN pin on the shield would connect to Vin pin on the Arduino. In this case, if you want to power the Arduino through the shield, you would need to have the jumper on.

The shield does not regulate the voltage, but VOUT can be used to supply reverse-protected power.

- Jeremy

Oh, okay!

Thanks for your attention, I guess I have no doubts anymore.