Can't disable DRV8825

I am using 8825 drivers with repetier firmware on arduino mega 2560 (3d printer). The firmware has one enable pin for enableing and disableing the mottors. They work great but they are in enable mode only.
I tried only the enable pin and they do not work. They work by connecting sleep and reset pins from the driver to the enable pin on arduino.
From the data sheet i understand that to disable the motors i need 2 pins for inverting the reset and sleep with enable pins.
What can i do to disable the motors without modifying the firmware?
Thank you. Hope you understand my english.


I am not sure exactly what you are trying to do, but it sounds like you just want to disable the outputs of the driver. To turn the driver outputs off, the ENBL pin should be driven high. You should not need to change the states of the SLEEP and RESET pins to do this. Does something in your setup require you to use those pins? If so, could you post a wiring diagram that shows the connections from the driver to the pins you are using form the Arduino?

- Grant