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Can we use the micro metal HIGH power carbon brush(6Volt) for biomedical products, provided we use only about 25% of the stall current?( Pololu item #: 3066 ) What will be its life cycle?

I was wondering if I can use the micro metal gear-motor(HPCB 6Volt) in one of my industrial project provided i keep the motor current equal to 25% of motor’s stall current. How much life expectancy I can expect?


Unfortunately, we do not have our motor or gearbox lifetimes well characterized, and in general, the lifetimes can depend on many different factors. What kind of lifetime are you looking for? Can you tell me more about the conditions (like if its going to be operating continuously or what the on versus off time is)?

- Patrick

Thank you for your reply Patrick.

It will not be operated continuously. We are thinking of using it in our prosthetic hand for our thumb motion. And as such you will notice that amputees use their prosthetic hands only for about 20-30 mins continuously at maximum.

What kind of cumulative operating lifetime are you looking for?

- Patrick

More than 5,000 hours with discrete gap of about 10-15 mins in between.

Unfortunately, our Micro Metal Gearmotors are probably not appropriate for this. For brushed motors you are typically looking at lifetimes in the hundreds of hours before the brushes wear away to the point that the motor no longer functions.

Brushless motors are typically used for applications with longer lifetime requirements since there are no brushes to wear out. We do not carry any three-phase BLDCs, but we do carry stepper motors (which are two-phase brushless motors); perhaps one of those could work for you.

- Patrick