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Can VNH5019 IC Drive Stepper Motor



I have a Pololu Dual VNH5019 and want to drive one stepper motor from this shield using Arduino Mega2560.

I have also read many similar topic on this forum, but i didn’t understand How, because stepper Motor have 4 wires for each side winding. and this shield have only two connection for each motor with VNH5019, So how we connect it, and what arduino library use for it.

if any one have a solution for my problem, please help.

Thank’s in advance :slight_smile:



This knoweldge base post on NI’s web site shows how 8 wire stepper motors are connected internally and two different connection methods (parallel and series) that allow them to be controlled like a standard 4-wire bipolar stepper motor. We do not have an Arduino library for controlling stepper motors from the VNH5019 driver, but this code posted by Jeremy on our forum might be helpful as a starting point if you want to write your own.