Can the Pololu 20D gear motors be used with Actobotics

I have ordered four 20D gear motors and as I look further ahead, I am contemplating attaching them to an Actobotics chassis. Actobotics is a system of parts that simplify chassis construction … very much like bolting together legos blocks. However, studying the documentation on the specs of my 20D gear motors and the Actobotics system, I am concerned that the hole spacings won’t match. Has anyone heard of any stories of integrating Pololu 20D motors with the Actobotics framework? I’d hate to have to start replacing my Pololu motors with Actobotics just to achieve mating.

After briefly looking over the Actobotics mounting pattern, I did not see any obvious solutions to mounting one of our 20D gearmotors with something like our aluminum L-bracket, without modification (e.g. lining up one pair of holes and drilling another).


Thanks Brandon, I appreciate your time and assistance. Not the answer I was hoping for. Can’t help feeling that maybe there is now an opportunity here to provide an Actobotics hole spacing adapter for the Pololu motors. I for one would willing pay for instances of your aluminum L-bracket with Actobotics spacings.