Can I use VNH5019 without PWM

Hello everyone. I’m newbee. I’m trying to use the VNH5019 driver for heating and cooling the device. Thus, I don’t need PWM, because I need a discrete signal at the input and output. Is it possible not to use PWM in this driver?


I moved your post to the Motor controllers/driver and motors section of the forum since it is more appropriate.

If you only need on/off functionality (i.e. 0V or the full motor voltage on the output), then you can use a simple digital signal instead of a PWM signal. A digital high signal is equivalent to a 100% duty cycle PWM.


And second question. Can I add external transistors to reduce resistance and power?


It sounds like you are asking about adding an external H-bridge to the output of the VNH5019 driver. The VNH5019 already has built-in MOSFETs and does not output the signals required to control an H-bridge.

If I misunderstood your question, could you explain your application and where you want to add transistors? A schematic or connection diagram would probably be helpful for that.