Can i use a Continuous servo's innards as an RC motor contro

Ok pretty much as the topic discribes.
Can i convert the GWS Standard continuous servo into a motor controller.

Can i remove it’s innards and use it as a cheap RC motor controller in place of some of the more expensive RC motor controllers.
Will it do 5v-6v at 50mA-400mA? (400mA is the max draw.)

They cost about half the price of the cheapest RC motor controllers.


That should work, and that’s basically what that $20 speed control you mentioned on the other thread was. You don’t even have to use the innards of a continuous rotation servo; you just need to set the feedback pot to the middle of the range. However, since the motors that the servos come with don’t have their own specifications, there’s no good maximum current rating. You can test the motor to see what it draws to get some guideline. By the way, I don’t think going this way is a particularly good deal; if the board you get happens to be good enough for your motor, that’s fine, but the more expensive controllers usually do offer a lot more. It might become a better deal if you have some old servos that are mechanically damaged or that you get cheap.

- Jan