Can i Control the LACT2P-12V-20 with Arduino?

Hello, I am trying to use the LACT2P-12V-20 motor in a project.

I am trying to control the motor with an Arduino and a CMDR motor shield.

I am reading about needing to set the motor in Analog mode? how do i do this?

Is this possible or do i need to purchase the Jrk USB Motor Controller.

I want to be able to have the motor go out all the way, stop and then go back in all the way.

Thanks for your help!


Although the motor shield you referenced is not ideal, it will probably work.

It sounds like you have read about the analog input on our jrk motor controller. The descriptions and documentation on that controller will probably not be useful for your motor controller. You should be able to control the linear actuator like a brushed DC motor.

Should you decide to use out jrk motor controller, please be aware you will need to write your own code to control it with an Arduino.