Can I buy gears used in Pololu's gearmotors anywhere?

I purchased a 131:1 37D gearmotor with encoder a while back. When I got it, it kinda made a small click every revolution or so. I never really payed attention to the click, but recently it got worse and it became hard to move the motor around the point of the click.

So I opened up the gearbox and found that the 12:28 gear had two teeth kinda worn down. I’m guessing these two teeth had some sort of defect or something and the problem just got worse over time. All the other gears are fine, so I was hoping to just replace this gear.

Can I purchase from Pololu or from anywhere else a replacement gear for this 12:28 gear?

Thanks for the help.


We do not sell the gears or gearboxes for those gearmotors separately. To save some money you could buy the version of the gearmotor with out the encoder and swap gearboxes. It sounds like you think the gearmotor might have had an issue from the first time you used it. If you email us at with your order information and reference this post, we might be able to help you out.

- Grant