Calibrate the A4988... not going well so far

OK so I’m going off of decrDude’s Getting started guide and of course… no amp flow.
I’m using a 12v regulated power supply from Pololu, able to deliver 5 amps.
VMOT connected to 12V+
GND connected to power supply ground
2B connects to AMP meter then motor coil
2A connects to the other side of coil with meter
1A other motor coil
1B same as above
VDD connected to LM7805 for regulated 5V+ ( LM7805 powered by the same supply as the driver board)
GRD Power supply ground

Enable Ground
MS1 Ground
MS2 Ground
MS3 Ground
Reset connected to sleep
Sleep connected to reset ( duh )
Step Ground
DIR Ground

That is how everything was connected. I made sure to space things so the pins crimp connector did not touch each other. I’ve even tested the DMM to be sure it reads on a small brushed DC motor. Also tested the power supply at the 12V point and the 5V point. All good.
Have I missed some thing?
Connect everything back up and try again?

OK I gave up on the calibration via the amps going to the coil. I did the Vref method and set the driver to .18 volts, hooked up the driver to the Arduino for it’s 5V and ran the stepper test sketch in decrDude’s set up guide.
The stepper runs! even after blowing out the power regulator on the Arduino.

[quote]even after blowing out the power regulator on the Arduino[/quote]As you demonstrate, it is not a good idea to run the Arduino from the motor power supply, unless you understand power supply decoupling and incorporate the required filter circuitry.

Now that you bring that up, when i blew the regulator on the Arduino the 12 volt supply ( intended for the motor supply ) was connected direct to the 2.1mm jack on the board via the power supplies 2.1mm connector. No motor or diver was connected. I had a lead out from ground and the 5V supply on the Arduino board. I assume they touched each other causing the short.

As for the bread board with the A4988 driver, the power supply runs through decoupling.