C# to 24 Channel Maestro to Jrk to Motor without USB

The video on Pololu website shows the Jrk connected to a Rf receiver without USB. The million dollar question is how do you set the jrk target? In my setup I have replaced the rf receiver with a maestro. Everything works fine in the pololu utility, and my c# program when usb is plugged in but the Jrk will not recognize a pulse without a usb. The yellow light blinks with the no target signal. The run down…

Motor - 12v bane bot brushed
Feedback - pot attached (but disabled)
Pid - 1 0 0
Input/target scale calibration complete with "learn"
Software c# 4.5 - I have wasted 48 consecutive hours trying every think I could think of. Most recently I removed the Jrk object from my class because I will not have the luxury of usb on the final product, hence there is no need for the class.

Please tell me I am missing something obvious!


Post a picture of the set-up? Or a wiring diagram?
Does the Maestro and the JRK share a ground in addition to the PWM signal?
Is the JRK CPU powered properly from the motor power?


It is not clear to me how you are trying to control your system. Could you give me more information about how you are using the two boards together? If you are not already doing so, you might start by connecting both boards to USB and using the Maestro Control Center to send the output to the jrk and the Jrk Configuration Utility to monitor the jrk’s behavior. Do you have the jrk’s input mode configured as “Pulse Width”?

Could you post pictures of your setup including all of your connections as jwatte mentioned? I am also interested in the answers to his other questions about the common ground and your power source.

Also, could you post your Maestro and jrk settings files? You can save the settings file for each device by choosing the “Save settings file…” option under the “File” drop down menu in the two respective software utilities.