Brushless motor ESC + Wixel

I have a question about wixel and brushless motor. I have now wixel connected with qik motor controller and I’m using DC motors, but I’d like to use brushless motors.
As far as I understand the ESC for brushless is driven by PWM.

So I think I have 2 possibilities

  1. use the qik motor driver output for the brushless ESC control signal input
  2. I can maybe reuse(change) the servo library as it is as well generating the PWM

Just concerned about voltages and also pulse length.

Did anyone already tried that or can you see it is not feasible??

Thanks very much for answer


Hi, Martin.

Your ESC probably accepts standard RC signals, so you should be able to use the Wixel’s servo library to control them without modifying it… However, you will want to make sure the ESC you use accepts the 3.3V signals that the Wixel uses. You will not need to use a qik motor controller at all.


Thank you very much for you answer, will try it as soon as I will receive the motors:)