Binary command to set simple motor controller (#1363) device id

I need to daisy chain a series of #1363 (High Power Simple Motor Controller G2/15)
I communicate with these devices from a variety of Linux platforms
In standalone mode, i.e. not daisy chained they’re working fine with the condition that I think the lack of braking scaling was a rude surprise :p)
I do not use Windows, and I buy no argument that says I must

Could I please have the binary command protocol to set the device id for one of these devices ? I can take it from there, as I said, without daisy chaining everythings working fine



To configure the SMC G2’s device settings in Linux, you can use SmcG2Cmd, the SMC G2’s command-line utility, to read and upload the settings file for each of your SMC G2 boards. SmcG2Cmd is part of our Pololu USB Software Development Kit (SDK). Please see the “Compiling C# code in Linux” section in the README file for more information on how to build the programs and libraries in the SDK as well as how to run the smcg2cmd program.

- Amanda

Can’t thank you enough - the motor controllers now are properly sequenced. Of course that exposed a host of second order problems, but those are mine, not yours.
Turns out some Windows dependencies snuck into your release, notably the main framework 3.5 assemblies. So I stripped your repo down to the bare essence (the CLI tool), redid all of the library and framework references to not give Eunices/Macs gas, and defined a new project that builds the CLI for Linux or Mac using Jetbrains Rider without any fuss. If you want to fork the project and take it forward, please please please. It isn’t any original work on my part, I was just the janitor.