Bidirectional Solenoid with Motor Driver BD65496MUV


i am trying to control a bidirectional, bistable solenoid with the BD65496MUV Single Brushed DC Motor Driver Carrier
The datasheet for the solenoid can be found here
The solenoid can be driven forward or rearward by reversing the polarity.
nominal voltage 12V
nominal power 30W

Motor Power is supplied by a 12V battery,
Digital Pins of an Arduino Uno are used as Logic-Inputs. Input INA and INB are driven high alternately for 10-50ms.

The logic seems to work fine. OUTA and OUTB toggle between +12V and -12V.
But it seems like the power output is not sufficient to overcome the anchor magnets.
When the Motor Power Supply is increased to 16 V the system works fine.

Do you have a suggestion, why the 12V power supply is not working? I assume there is not enough output current, although 5 A peak current is stated in the datasheet.

Thanks for your help,
Best regards

Hello, Michael.

If the solenoid started working with the driver when you changed the power supply, then it seems like that might have been the issue. What were you using for the power supply in the 12V and 16V cases? Do you have other 12V supplies you can try? What does looking at your setup with an oscilloscope reveal for each case?

Also, just in case you are not aware, the maximum operating voltage for the BD65496MUV is 16V, so please keep in mind powering it with that high a voltage leaves no safety margin for variation or noise from your power supply.

- Patrick

Hi Patrick,

thanks for the quick reply.
Power Supply 12V = Battery-Pack directly connected to the driver (without any Battery-Management-Circuit)
Power Supply 16 V = Laboratory Power Supply

I slowly increased the laboratory power supply from 12V to 16V. At 16V the solenoid started working. While going from 12V to 16V you could feel the force, needed to switch the solenoid by hand, decrease.

Unfortunately I don’t have an oscilloscope at hand.
I also tried the same setup with the driver DRV8801 with the same result.

Based on the behavior you described with you lab power supply and the fact you get same results with two different drivers, it appears that 16V is just the activation threshold for your solenoid. If you are restricted to the 12V battery pack, then I suggest using a step-up regulator, like our U3V70A, to raise the voltage powering your driver and solenoid to at least 16V.

Also, if both the BD65496MUV and DRV8801 are acceptable for your setup, then I would go with the DRV8801 since that will give you a greater safety margin for your input voltage.

- Patrick