Best motor controller/driver for 4 tetrix motors

I am hoping to find out what motor controller would be the best fit in combination with 4 of these motors enter link description here
I am trying to use an Arduino in combination with an RC controller and I have gotten the code to work but then fried my previous motorshield because the current was too high on the motors.


You might be able to use one of our motor controllers. If you can tell me more about how you want to control your motors, I might be able to offer some specific suggestions.


I am trying to use 4 DC gear motors. Two will be connected to wheels that need to be able to spin in opposite directions. The other two will be used to lift an arm. I am hoping to use an arduino to receive signals from an RC controller and command the motors to move depending on the controller

You might consider a pair of dual motor drivers like our Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Shield for Arduino, or if you want to use fewer pins on the Arduino, you might consider using a Simple Motor Controller for each of those motors and daisy chaining them.