BD65496MUV with 33gb-520-18.7


I am new in motor drivers. I have 2 DC motors - 33gb-520-18.7 they are 12V and average load current is 0.5A. I was searching for some drivers for these motors. The best and cheapest I have found is BD65496MUV. Is this driver suitable for my motor? (I will use two drivers in parallel for 2 motors)


Our BD65496MUV motor driver carrier can handle continuous motor currents of up to 1.2A and peak current (like during stall) of 5A, so it should probably be fine for your motor. The link for your motor did not have a specification for stall current, but if you want to be safe, you could try stalling your motor at a low voltage (maybe 2V) and measuring the current draw, then scaling it up to see the approximate stall at 12V.

I am not sure what you mean about using 2 drivers in parallel for two motors. Do you plan on one driver controlling one motor, but used for parallel wheels on the same robot? If not, could you elaborate?


Thanks for answer.
When I forced motor to stop at 12V, current draw was around 1.3A. Without load it was around 0.1A. With parallel connection I mean something like this:

Those connections mostly look fine, though you should make sure you have a common ground between the Arduino and drivers. By the way, I recommended testing the stall current at a low voltage, and extrapolating to get the current for the voltage you are using, because stalling a brushed DC motor puts a lot of wear on it and could even damage it right away. The current and torque of the motor is proportional with the voltage so stalling at a lower voltage stresses the motor less.