Battery Drain on Pololu Zumo pre-assembled


I have a Zumo pre-assembled chassis, and I have noticed a heavy battery drain when just idling.

I have 4x 2700Mah rechargeable 1.2v batteries and have noticed that while just idling ( running arduino UNO loop as-well ), I see the batteries depleted after about 3 hours. Is this normal, what is the expected power consumption of the driver-board if not running the motors?

When I pull my batteries they are also quite hot! about 45c!

Any advice on how I can measure where the drain is going to?


Hi, Kegan.

I am sorry you are having problems with your Zumo robot. From your description, it sounds like your Zumo might be drawing close to an amp while it is idling, which is not at all normal. Do you have access to an external power supply and a multimeter you could use to measure the idle current draw more precisely?

How long have you had your Zumo, and did it always behave like this? Do you have anything additional electronics connected to it? Aside from this excess idle current draw, does your Zumo work properly?

There should be a bar code sticker inside the Zumo’s battery compartment with a number written on it starting with “0J”; can you tell me what that number is? Also, could you post some photos of your Zumo?

- Zeeshan