Basic a4988 microstep question

I am absolute beginner in the world of motors and electronics,just started with my Arduino starter kit. I am curious about A4988 wiring on breadboard.I purchased A4988 driver for nema 17 bipolar stepper and using Uno.If I want to run the motor on half step,do I connect Ms 1 to 5v Uno and Ms2 and Ms3 to ground both via breadboard?.I am able to run the motor on full step using A4988 but I don’t understand the microstep wiring. I know I am moving too fast since I just started,but I can get some idea about how the microstep is wired,maybe I can plan my project accordingly.


As shown in the microstepping chart under the “Step (and microstep) size” heading on the A4988 product page, you only need to tie MS1 high (5V) to put the A4988 in half-step mode since all of the micro stepping pins are pulled low by our carrier board.

You might also take a look at the “Minimal wiring diagram” on the same product page to see how the other pins can be connected.


Thank you.