Assistance needed with Qik2s9v1 sketch

I am new to programming Arduinos and in need of some assistance in updating a sketch which contains outdated libraries. The attached sketches contains the Compactqik library and needs to be updated with the Poluoluqik library. The TeachbotDC_basic sketches uploads properly however the motors on the robot do not turn after uploaded. The qik-arduino-master contains the library which needs to replace the outdated compactqik library. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Tom E (11.1 KB)
TeachbotDC_Basic (1).zip (531 Bytes)

Hello, Tom.

It looks like your “TeachbotDC_Basic” sketch is a loop that cycles between going forward, reverse, turning left, and then turning right. You could get started on updating your sketch by reading through the Library Reference on the GitHub page for the qik-arduino library, which tells you the parameters for each function and describes what the functions do. You might have already noticed, but the new library does not have an explicit drive forward or reverse function (e.g. motor0Forward, and motor0Reverse), but functions that set the motor speed (e.g. setM0Speed(), setM1Speed(), and setSpeeds()) and allow you to use negative numbers to run the motors in the opposite direction. If you are stuck understanding how to replace some parts of your sketch, let me know specifically what it is you do not understand (and post the code you have tried), and I can see if I can help.


Thanks John!