Ask Motor Driver

Can you suggest me a motor driver to drive 2.3A 24V DC motor ? I’m using 24V power supply and microcontroller. Can i use Pololu High-Power Motor Driver 18v15 or Pololu High-Power Motor Driver 36v9 ?


Is the 2.3A current rating stall current or free-run current?

- Ben

2.3A, free-running current of the motor…can u suggest me the motor driver ?

What is the stall current for your motor? What are you using as your power supply?

- Ben

I tested the stall current its about 9A, im not using battery, i use 24V DC power supply.

If you were using a battery (or if you plan on using a battery in the future), I’d recommend the 36v9 high power motor driver, since charged batteries can get well above their nominal voltages. If your power supply is quite stable at 24V, then I’d recommend the 18v15 high power motor driver, which operates at your desired voltage with a little bit of room to spare and can deliver more current than the 36v9.

- Ben

Okay thanks Ben…