Arduino with Amis 30543

Hi there good people,
I´m not all that in to micro controllers and programming. I´m an photographer, specialising in macro photo.
I want to build a moving table moved by a stepper motor from Pololu with a screw. I know that one step on the motor equals 0.04mm and that I can do micro steps. Have an Arduino Uno R3 and will buy the Amis 30543 to drive the motor. Also thinking of buying one of those shields with buttons and LCD screen. I want to use the buttons to move the stepper motor and control the micro steps.
Does anyone have an .ino file for this?
Don´t know where to begin. Hope someone can help me…

Kindest Regards
Harald (Absolutely beginner)

Hello, Harald.

It looks like you asked us a similar question via email, but I wanted to post the answer here for others to see as well.

To control the steps of your stepper motor using pushbuttons, I recommend reading this button tutorial on Arduino’s website on how to use pushbuttons to trigger an event and looking at the Arduino examples of the AMIS-30543 library on our GitHub page to see how the library works.

If you try writing your code and need additional help, you can post your code here, and we would be happy to take a look.

- Amanda