Arduino Uno And A Bipolar Stepper Motor

I bought a bipolar stepper motor and an Arduino Uno. How do I connect them up to make the stepper motor work. Got a schematic that will explain where every wire goes?

Oh, yes! You mean a simple schematic that would include labeled diagrams of the stepper motor Pololu sold you as well as labeled diagrams of the Arduino Uno and the A4988 also sold to you by Pololu? All tied together with colored coded or descriptive labels of each wire? And all the labeling is in common english and not technical terms? And a description of the power supplies and the recommended lengths of said power supply wires? All connected and ready to go?

Unlike most other companies’ product pages, the information on the Pololu A4988 motor driver product page is remarkably clear, complete and detailed – a real credit to the Pololu engineers. It includes a wiring diagram for a generic microcontroller, a typical power supply and motor, and instructions for wiring atypical motors.You should spend some time with it here

Be sure to follow the various links to details and FAQS. If there are questions that the pages don’t answer, post them. You can expect polite and detailed answers.