Arduino Syntax for tic commands

I am using a T500 to control a stepper motor. It works well with a cmd batch file. Now I am trying to run it by an Arduino Uno controller. I uploaded the tic library and the commands seem to be recognized (colored in orange in the sketch).
However, when I try to compile the sketch I get the following error message: “‘tic’ was not declared in this scope” and the tic.energize() command line is highlighted.
Where and how should I declare “tic”? I have a #Include <tic.h> line at the beginning of the sketch.


It sounds like you might have not instantiated the tic object properly in your code. Can you try running one of the serial code examples under the examples folder in our Tic Stepper Motor Controller library for Arduino without modifying it? Do you get any errors?

- Amanda

Thanks Amanda,
The examples worked fine (specifically - this link) , so even though I am not sure why each command is needed, I am adapting the example to my needs.

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