Arduino software for DRV8825 driver

I downloaded the BasicStepperDriver software for Arduino Uno and theDRV8825 driver board and was favorably impressed with what I saw, but am wondering if there is some function that will just keep the motor running. The move and rotate are for a set number of steps or degrees. I have a need to start the motor when some condition exists and keep it running and be able to stop it when that condition changes. I also thought I saw something somewhere about some acceleration and deceleration function/process but when going back to look again couldn’t find anything related to it

Oops. Just realized the functions used before did the same, but the glitch I see now was masked by the much slower speed I was able to achieve. In order to check the condition to decide if it needs to keep running or not it has to be done between calls to the move or rotate command. As you can tell I am a newbie to this programming and have a lot to learn.


It is not clear to me if you resolved your issue. Just in case, if you want to continuously run your stepper motor until some condition is met or changed, you can use a while loop that continuously calls the move function in the BasicStepperDriver library to step a specified number of steps before checking the while loops’ expression status. Since you are new to programming, you should consider looking at the “while loops” reference page on the Arduino website.

- Amanda

Thanks Amanda, I had basically concluded the same thing after thinking about what I had observed with previous motors, shields, librarys etc. I have things working to my satisfaction, still more to do as always. I am slowing learning.