Arduino library for wheel encoder

Hi, I’m trying to get the wheel encoder library of pololu to work in the Arduino IDE( but so far no luck because when I tried to add the .zip file, the IDE won’t recognize it. I also created hardware folder like instructed but still the same result. I’m using Arduino IDE version 1.6.5. Thank you for your help.


It sounds like you tried to add the libpololu-arduino library to your Arduino IDE using Sketch->Include Library->Add .ZIP Library… option. Unfortunately, that option will not work because of the way the ZIP file is structured.

You said you created the “hardware” subfolder as stated in the “Configuring the Arduino Environment” section of the Programming Orangutans and the 3pi Robot from the Arduino Environment guide, which you linked. Did you copy the “libpololu-arduino” folder from the ZIP file into the “hardware” subfolder? Can you post the full file path of that folder? The “hardware” folder should be inside your Arduino sketchbook directory, which can be viewed by selecting File->Preferences in the Arduino IDE. Make sure to restart the IDE once you have added the “libpololu-arduino” folder into the “hardware” folder, since the Arduino IDE only detects new libraries at startup.

- Amanda

This is my sketchbook directory:
This is the path to the pololu library:

Hi I tried copying all the files into the libraries folder inside the sketch directory and it works, thank you so much for helping.

I am glad you got your Arduino IDE to load the libraries for the Orangutan and 3pi controllers; thank you for letting us know.

By the way, we tested the configuration instructions under the “Configuring the Arduino Environment” section of the guide and notice that to see the libraries and examples for the Orangutan and 3pi controllers, you would need to select one of the Orangutan entries in the Board menu first. We have modified that section in the guide to include those details.

- Amanda