Arduino for position control using motor with 64CPR encoder

This is a very basic question. I am running a controls lab for college students. I would like to purchase the
Pololu 12V, 30:1 Gear Motor w/ 64 CPR Encoder
or something like it.
I can get into the specifics of my interests but the main question is:

I have 12 Arduino Mega’s and I want to ensure that it can read the encoder output. My objective is position control of the motor shaft. (not speed) I don’t want to go crazy with arduino programming but I can do interrupts, etc. And I will need to log data, probably through the Serial monitor

My concern is that 64 CPR on the motor will be like 640,000 CPM (for a 10,000 rpm motor) can arduino handle that?

Hello, Jason.

The Arduino Mega (and other 16MHz Arduinos) is capable of reading counts from the encoder on that gearmotor. It should have 1500 clock cycles to deal with each count if you are looking at both the rising and falling edges of both encoder channels. However, this will impose a fairly significant burden on the processor and it might limit what else it can do. If you do not need full quadrature decoding, you can reduce that load by a factor of 4 by only looking at one edge of one encoder signal.