Arduino compatible driver for RS-360SH

I’m working on a project using the RS-360SH motor (the pump version [1]) and am having trouble choosing the right motor driver/shield. From what I can tell [2], the motor operates around 2A, but many of the shields I see max out around 1A.

The project will be using 2 of these pumps, but they won’t be running at the same time and each of them will only operate for 3-5 seconds at a time.

Would the TB6612FNG dual motor driver carrier work?

If I’m only going to be running the pump for a few (3-5) seconds at a time, can I run it at peak current?

  1. … ATER-PUMP/
  2. … _360sh.pdf


The stall current of that Mabuchi motor is 8.6A, which is definitely more than the TB6612FNG can handle. I am not sure how much of a load you plan to place on that pump, but if it is anything close to that stall current, I recommend using our VNH5019 dual motor driver shield, which can provide that much current continuously. If you do not plan to load that pump much, you might consider getting our MC33926 dual motor driver shield, which is more robust and can handle more current than the TB6612FNG, but is not as powerful as the VNH5019.