Arduino 2560 pro Development board with Motor library

Hi Team

I am using pololu N20 6v 200RPM motor
I am using Arduino 2560 pro Development board

Please devise to use above library with my board to rotate my motors

Thanks in advanced


That library is intended for our original 3pi Robot and Orangutan controllers, which were all based on the ATmega328P or ATmega168 AVR (and are almost all discontinued). Is there a reason why you’re trying to use it with an Arduino Mega 2560 Pro? Could you post more information about your setup, such as what motor driver you’re using and which particular motor you’re using (we do not have a Micro Metal Gearmotor that is rated for 200RPM at 6V)?


Thanks for prompt reply
We are going to use it for robotics competition which have more ultrasonic sensor color sensor and Ir arrays so Atmega 328p i/o pins are not enough
In case of Motors that we are removed it from old 3pi robot because the competition does not allow to use readymade robot
it could be grate if you can help us to use Orangutan code with Atmega 2560 at lease motor controller codes

Your help is highly appreciated

There are almost certainly many other libraries that would be more appropriate and useful for you than this one. If you can post the details about what motor driver you’re using, I might be able to help point you in the right direction.