Arbotix-M and Pololu Motor Drivers, how to use them together in Arduino ? Need guidance in pin mapping, which pins to connect where as pwm and digital pins

I have an Arbotix-M board Arbotix-M and
Arbotix-M has x6 PWM pins which are between D12-D15 and D3-D4. Other pins are mainly digital and analog pins; and Arbotix-M is compatible with Arduino too.

I have x3 pololu products:

  1. Pololu Dual G2 High-Power Motor Driver 24v14 Shield for Arduino

  2. Pololu Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield for Arduino

  3. Jrk G2 18v19 USB Motor Controller with Feedback

Which pins do I need to connect to PWM and Digital pins ? I need this information; because I will do a manual connection to Arbotix-M.
M1PWM, M2PWM needs to be connected to PWM pin and probably the M1DIR, M2DIR will be needed to connect to PWM too.
What about M1nSLEEP, M2nSLEEP and M1nFAULT, M2nFAULT ?

If I only use only speed, direction; or speed, direction and one more feature (M1nFAULT or M1nSLEEP) is it enough to control my motors with pololu on Arbotix-M board ?

  _M1nSLEEP = 2;
  _M1nFAULT = 6;
  _M1DIR = 7;
  _M1PWM = 9;
  _M1CS = A0;

  _M2nSLEEP = 4;
  _M2nFAULT = 12;
  _M2DIR = 8;
  _M2PWM = 10;
  _M2CS = A1;
  //Pin map
  _INA1 = 2;
  _INB1 = 4;
  _PWM1 = 9;
  _EN1DIAG1 = 6;
  _CS1 = A0;
  _INA2 = 7;
  _INB2 = 8;
  _PWM2 = 10;
  _EN2DIAG2 = 12;
  _CS2 = A1;

How can I use this product (Jrk G2 18v19 USB Motor Controller with Feedback) with Arbotix-M too ? I already cannot find a solid tutorial and sample code how to use it on Arduino too. If it is possible would you give me some tutorial links and where can I find a sample code for the Jrk G2 18v19 USB Motor Controller with Feedback to use on Arduino please ? thank you very much.

This is first time I use pololu forums and pololu motor drivers in my robotic projects and I will be very happy if you guide me, thank you very much.


In addition to the product pages for those boards, we also have documentation for those boards in their respective user’s guides, which are linked to on the “Resources” tab of their product pages; for instance:

The connection diagrams in the “Board connections” section of the VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield User’s Guide and the “Control and feedback pins” section of the G2 High-Power Motor Driver 24v14 Shield User’s Guide show PWM pins with a square wave superimposed over the PWM pins.

Our Jrk motor controllers have a few different interfaces that could be used with a microcontroller board. You can find out more detail about the connections necessary for the various interfaces in the various subsections of the “Setting up the control method” section of the G2 Jrk user’s guide.

Please let us know if anything in those user’s guides is unclear.