Any easy way to "enhance" the motorcontrol on a SV-328?

Any easy way to “effect enhance” the motor control on a Orangutan SV-328?

Single motor project and from some empiric testing now done it looks like 12v / 1A is not enough.
So is there a easy way to use the motor out PWM to in turn drive another motor controller with some more effect?

Lazy I know but there are some obvious advantages to be able to use the standard motor control in the SV-328.



You might be able to get something like that to work with the right motor driver if you know what you’re doing, but I think it’s far from an ideal solution. It’s really not very hard to generate a PWM signal on an arbitrary I/O line and use that as an input to a motor driver. Alternatively, have you considered using a motor controller with a serial interface, such as a Simple Motor Controller? These controllers have a lot more power than the drivers built into the SV-328, and we have example serial code for the Orangutans that should make it pretty easy for you to get started communicating with a Simple Motor Controller.

- Ben

Thanks for your answer.

The “solution” :wink: I did choose was to buy the SVP-1284 instead, dual bridges and as a bonus current measuring also.
My SV-328 will be used for another idea I have.

I have another newbie question regarding pin change interrupt, but i will post that in the proper section for it.