Any drop-in compatible TMC2100 Stepper Motor Driver?

I built a 3D scanner based on the Fabscan design which uses your old 4983 driver plugged into a custom Arduino shield. Their new design (just “released” yesterday) recommends switching to the Trinamic TMC2100 Stepper Motor Driver which seems to be only available from Watterott in Germany. Searched briefly and it looks like you don’t have a pin equivalent model? The German shipping charges are very high and I am locked into this design for a while.

Apparently the functional difference is that it doesn’t “jerk” the turntable as much. The 4983 requires you to fasten the object to the turntable to avoid movement of the object during scanning.


You are right; we do not have a carrier for the TMC2100. We have replaced our A4983 products with the newer A4988 drivers (quite a while ago), but we do not expect those to be any different than the A4983 drivers in the aspects you are concerned about.