Amis30543 - anyone have experience with the analog feedback?

I’ve been looking for a real use case for the analog feedback. I originally thought to try and use this for a closed loop scenario but am thinking the system may not be fast enough to be practical if I have to use the SPI to make changes on the fly.

I’ve looked around the net but only see notes about the analog and not any one actually using it. I’m asking the OEM as well.

Thanks in advance !

(Not a use case or project description but I did find a link on the forums to the OEM application guide - thanks Pololu ! Amis-30543: Measuring from SLA-Pin?)


We break the SLA pin out on our carrier since it is a feature of the AMIS30543 chip, but we do not have any suggestions for how you could use it beyond what is provided in the documentation.

If you come up with a practical use for the SLA output, please let us know.