Amis 30543 with Arduino Uno and Mega 2560

Hi, I’m using an Arduino Uno with AMIS 30543 and works fine, but when I wanted to implement my project to Arduino Mega 2560 don’t want to work anyway. On UNO I used digital 11,12,13 pins for SPI controlling on Mega digtal 50,51,52. I changed back to UNO and don’t worked with this Arduino board and I determined the AMIS 30543 board is died. Do you now any reason for this? I ordered another AMIS board and I don’t want to happen something like this.



Hi, Adam.

One common way to damage the logic pins on a controller like that is by sending it logic signals when power is not supplied. For stepper motors it is also possible to damage your driver or motor if the leads of the motor are disconnected while it is powered.

If you would like help troubleshooting your system or checking to make sure the AMIS is damaged, I would be happy to help. If so, could you post details about your motor and power supply and pictures of your setup?