AMIS 30543 Stepper Driver Footprint Eagle Library

Hey folks,

In case anybody needs it - here are a few Eagle footprints for adding the AMIS 30543 Stepper Driver Carrier to your pcb project :slight_smile:

It is a pricier part but I really enjoy a lot of the features provided by the driver (software configurable current limit, the SLA pin for stall detection and closed loop control (I am getting away without a rotary encoder which alone justifies the price IMO) , the excellent stepping and micro stepping modes as well as the very nice SPI interface make it one of the better drivers IMO)

It lives here on GitHub : … -Footprint

Here is a direct link to the zip : …


Hello, Matt.

I am glad you like the new stepper motor driver. Thanks for sharing the files!

- Grant

Hello Matt, the links are dead, do you still have those footprints around?