AMIS-30543 How to make stepper hold position with energized coils

Dear Pololu,

I was wondering if you could help me with AMIS-30543. I can’t figure it out how to force the bipolar steppers to make a hold torque. If I make for example a 360 degree turn the motor stop after the turn but taking no current from the power supply therefore can’t hold a thing. My question is what is the trick if there is any to make the motor hold this position with energized coils to keep my device elevated at a given level.

Thanks in advance, if any other infos needed please tell.

Mate Kaszti

Hello, Kaszti.

The AMIS-30543 driver should be holding position when you stop sending commands (unless you are intentionally disabling or putting it to sleep). How are you controlling the driver? What stepper motor are you using and what are you setting the current limit to? If you are using an Arduino, can you post the simplest possible sketch that still demonstrates the problem?