AMIS-30543 : Controlling 2 steppers with one Arduino Uno , possible?

Hi guys,

The question is basically in the title . I have 1 arduino Uno, 2 stepper motors and 2 AMIS-30543 boards.

As both boards needs to use the SPI pins, how can I control them both wiht my only arduino.

Could someone please provide a wiring shema ?

A 12v acid lead battery would power the whole lot, via buck converters.

The arduino would be powered via the 9v power supply jack, whereas the board would be powered each up of about 6v from the same source. By the way, could we power the arduino from the 5v output pins of one of the two boards ? Is that realistic to do ?


Hi, Mathieu.

Since the AMIS driver communicates with a microcontroller like an Arduino through an SPI interface, you can connect several of them to the same MISO, MOSI, and SCK lines as long as each has its own slave select line as well. You can see more general information about SPI as well as some specifics on Arduino’s SPI interface on the Arduino SPI page. To control two AMIS carriers with our AMIS30543 Arduino library you will need to declare two objects of type AMIS30543 with a statement like

AMIS30543 stepper1, stepper2;

and initiate them with different slave select pins like this:


For powering your system I recommend using your 12V battery to power everything. Both the AMIS30543 and Arduino Uno can take 12V power, so removing the buck regulators is fine and should simplify your system. It is possible to power some microcontrollers off the 5V output of the AMIS30543 carrier, but there is not much current available, so depending on what other things your Arduino is doing, you could run into issues.


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Thanks heaps Claire. It did work beautifully indeed !!!

The MISO, MOSI, SCK are connected together and only the Slave Select are going on different pins on the arduino so we can select which motor we connect to from the code.

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